Scouts Telethon Fundraiser

Scouts WA & Telethon Community Cinema Fundraising

Telethon Community Cinemas is Perth’s family friendly, affordable community outdoor cinema screening family friendly blockbuster movies from November to April each year at each of their four outdoor cinema locations. 

SCOUTS WA is invited to partner with Telethon and fundraise. Each individual Scout Group can fundraise for themselves and Telethon at the same time. It’s a very simple fundraiser that can be coordinated by email. 

  • Your Group arranges to purchase discounted Adults and Child voucher tickets.

Adult voucher tickets      Normally $14     Your price $10

Child voucher tickets      Normally $7        Your price $5

  • Email your Scout Groups order form to for 25 or more voucher tickets (they can be a mix of adults & children voucher tickets).
  • Telethon will send you an invoice and, once it is paid, you will receive an email containing the bulk order of individual PDF adult and child voucher tickets.
  • It is up to your group to choose whether to sell the tickets by collecting orders first or sell them after they arrive by email.
  • You sell the voucher tickets at the retail price – $14 for adults and $7 for children. Your group will make $4 per adult and $2 for every child voucher ticket sold!

Great movies screened each year, conveniently located near your group and community. Plus added benefits including;

  • You can fundraise entirely by email: Each individual voucher ticket is easily forwarded by your Group to your purchaser.
  • All voucher tickets have no expiry date.
  • Can be used at any of the four great family friendly outdoor cinema locations.   
  • Affordable, great gifts for Christmas or Birthdays, and suitable for all ages.
  • Easy to sell. Everyone in your wider neighbourhood will be keen to support Telethon and see a movie.

Please find an FAQ below and flyers to either email or print out to display or hand around at your next meeting plus an order form.

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