Manjedal Activity Centre (MAC)

Scouts WA has several campsites around Western Australia that can be accessed by Scout Groups, Schools and Community Groups.

Whether you’re after adventurous activities or a relaxing weekend, Manjedal caters for all tastes.

Set on over 265 hectares of magnificent bushland of jarrah forest midway between Byford and Jarrahdale, Manjedal is a short 40 minute drive from Perth. It offers accommodation and activities for Scout groups and their families as well as schools, youth organisations, church groups and cadet units.

The jarrah forest’s flora and fauna make for excellent geography and biology camps. Fun and challenging team building programmes can be created for Scout Groups.


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MAC offers a range of fun activities, accommodation options to suit your Adventure.

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Our program is like nothing else, offering a huge range of activities and experiences for ages ranging from 6 to 25 – and new members can join at any stage of Scouts!

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From stories, games and craft to camping, bush adventures and water activities, Scouting offers activities to suit every interest and age group.

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Scouts grow through adventure and new challenges. They make friends, build confidence and explore their abilities and interests. But most of all, Scouts have fun!

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Scouts WA values diversity and we warmly welcome members and volunteers from all backgrounds, and those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

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