Rover Scouts

Rover Scouts welcome young adults from 18 to 25 years of age. You don’t need to have any Scouting experience, but you do need to keep up with some adventurous people and their adrenaline-packed adventures!

A group of Rovers is known as a “Crew”. Each Rover Crew is different, consisting of anywhere from a handful of members to 50 or more. Most Crews meet weekly. A Crew’s activities are planned and run by the Rover Scouts themselves – which means they are tailored to the requirements and interests of members.

Every Crew is different. Each has its own traditions, special interests, and personalities. A Rover Crew runs itself, with an elected Crew Leader and Executive.

Rover Scouts enjoy helping others, having a great time and taking on new challenges. You’ll need a give-it-a-go attitude, and you will be rewarded with some serious fun.

Joining a Rover Scout Unit can open doors to new friendships, fun, adventure and unforgettable experiences, while at the same time developing leadership and organisational skills.

Every three years, Rover Scouts have the opportunity to attend an Australian Rover Moot, where they join about 1,000 other Rover Scouts from around Australia and across the world for a 10-day camp. There are also opportunities to attend international Rover Moots and the World Moot every 4 years.

More information can be found on the Rover Scouts website.

Click here to speak to a Scout Leader and find more information about joining Scouts.

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Maarakool Art

Maarakool Art

Mel is currently the Artist in Residence at the Manjedal Activity Centre, where she completes Aboriginal art projects with kids, displaying their artworks in areas around the Centre.

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