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Maarakool Art

Introducing Melissa Spillman (Woods) is a Noongar Aboriginal Artist. Mel’s family comes from Gnowangerup in the Southwest of WA. Mel recently started her own Aboriginal Art business called, ‘Maarakool Art’. The name means “with both hands” in the Noongar language.

Mel is currently the Artist in Residence at the Manjedal Activity Centre, where she completes Aboriginal art projects with kids, displaying their artworks in areas around the Centre.

Mel designed the latest Aboriginal Badges for Manjedal Activity Centre. Comprising the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo (karrak), the Grass Tree (Balga) and the Kangaroo (yongka) Badges, the Artwork symbolises the country the Centre is located on, with Dreaming symbols and connection lines – representing connection to the land.

The badges are available to purchase either through Manjedal at the Scout Store at 133 Scarborough Beach Road Mount Hawthorn 6016 or online from the following links:

Manjedal Activity Centre Aboriginal Badges Set

Manjedal Activity Centre Aboriginal Badges – Grass Tree (Balga) – Green

Manjedal Activity Centre Aboriginal Badges – Kangaroo (Yongka) – Brown

Manjedal Activity Centre Aboriginal Badges – Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo (Karrak) – Blue