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Australian Women’s History Month, Meet Sharni Jagger!

This week we want to introduce you to Sharni Jagger. She’s a Branch Advisor for Venturer Scouts. 

Scouts WA: To start off, an easy question: beach or mountains?  

Sharni: Beach!  

Scouts WA: Believe it or not, you’re the only one to say beach! A trickier question now: what would the title of your biography be?  

Sharni: Shake it Off 

Scouts WA: That is very topical and, especially now with Taylor-fever sweeping the country, it sounds like an instant best seller! Going back now, what is your earliest memory of your time here?  

Sharni: My first pack holiday, I was about 10 and we made gum nut animals / critters and golden syrup dumplings in a Billy on the fire. 

Scouts WA: That sounds beautiful! Can you tell us more about how has Scouting impacted your life as a whole?  

Sharni: I’ve have always felt empowered and supported during my years in Scouting which has encouraged me to try new experiences and challenges especially in the outdoors and take on new tasks or lead projects both in my personal and professional life. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and make loads of friends that most I would have never crossed paths with.  And I think Scouting was instrumental in developing my moral compass, particularly in my younger years, more so than school and made me who I am. Leadership has helped me learn about others, other people’s stories and everyone has a story, taught me patience, compassion and empathy. As a mum I’ve taken on soooo many volunteer roles in the community in sport, school and jumped in to get jobs that needed to be done – as a Scout I learnt from a really young age that providing service without expectation is our social responsibility and promotes kindness and communal well-being in making the world a little better to live.  

Scouts WA: It sounds like you would have so much wisdom to share! We’re curious about the most important piece of advice you have been given? 

Sharni: Don’t expect someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. 

Scouts WA: Very fair! Scouting is an inclusive place for girls, how can we encourage more of them to participate in Scouting?  

Sharni: Show girls out there doing great things! Promote images that show friendships, use words that spark curiosity and enthusiasm, choice, and challenge, show Scouting to be a place girls can feel supported in a pressure free environment. Run campaigns or stories of girls sharing what they have learned, and the fun that in Scouting. 

Scouts WA: Finally, if you could have dinner with three inspirational women, dead or alive, who would they be and why? 

Sharni: Firstly, Queen Elizabeth II. She had a fabulous hat collection which would be so fun to try on, and as the longest British serving monarch she embraced change and adaptability which is something to be admired, and of course she would have so many interesting stories of her family, and the world, not too many people can say they have seen as many changes in our modern world as Queen Elizabeth did.  Also, her patronage included The Scouts and of course the Queen Scout Award! 

Second would be Sophie Delezio, an incredible young lady who against all odds survived two horrific accidents. She has gone on to be a disability advocate particularly in media representation. She has taken control of her own social medica content redefining and shifting mindsets of stereo types and what beauty looks like to help people with disabilities promote how they want to really be seen.  Sophie has the most incredible story of living in an inaccessible world but living life to the fullest. I think she would bring a tear to the dinner table but a smile and words of inspiration. 

And third would be Olivia Newton-John. Grease was my favourite childhood movie and karaoke with Olivia would be so fun! Olivia really brought public awareness for those living with breast cancer, raising funds for research. She also co-founded National Tree Day the largest tree planting event in Australia. She definitely left her mark on the world around her.