Manjedal Activity Centre experiences



Whether you’re after a fun activity day or seeking a relaxing weekend in Byford at Manjedal Activity Centre (MAC). MAC caters for all tastes, with fun exciting activities and cosy accommodation to stay overnight in. Many of our visitors include local Scout Groups, community groups, schools and general public. See for yourself with our innovating world class facilities at MAC:


Barry Johnson, Unit Leader and Instructor at Ocean Reef SHS Emergency Services Cadets

Hirer of facilities and Training Instructors
Manjedal Activity Centre accepts and assists of all school groups wishing to visit the centre. They keep cost of hire and services to a minimum too allow all groups access. The centre has facilities, staff that foster improved self esteem, development of leadership skills and has ability to cater for able and disabled youth. Many parents don’t give there children outdoor skills and engagement. Manjedal is a great place for those students to engage with nature.

Bev Hunter, Business Partner at All Aboard Mobile Catering

Regular user of MAC for school camps and group catering
We have been using Manjedal Activity Centre for the past 23 years for our school camps and have seen huge changes for the betterment of the centre and customers over that time. In a competitive field, they have achieved a high level of professionalism in all aspects to be a leader in camps in W.A. The continued improvement and upkeep of facilities is evident in the years we have been using the facilities. The community as a broader group (both Scouts and outside groups) are always the beneficiaries in any improvements to the facilities at MAC. The evolving improvements are a reason why our schools and groups keep rebooking the venue from year to year.

Shameem Taheri-Lee, Regional Coordinator at Baha'i Training Institute of Western and Central Australia

Regular client
Manjedal Activity Centre is a unique facility that has prices and flexibility that make it very accessible to non-profit organisations such as ours. We have consistently experienced professionalism and observed strong management from Manjedal staff, and their facilities are well-kept.

Aylish Pham, Senior Child Protection Worker at the Department of Communities

User of service
Scouts WA – Manjedal Activity Centre offers children in care who have experienced disadvantage, opportunities to engage in activities and attend recreational camps. Manjedal is widely used in the Cannington office by case workers with children on their case load. Manjedal is known to work with children who might display challenging behavioral issues and are willing to problem-solve so that all children are afforded meaningful opportunities. I have worked with Manjedal to send a child in care who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and had significant toileting difficulties to camp. I was delighted by how willing the staff at Manjedal were to collaborate with me to come up with a plan that would meet the child’s needs on camp. Although the child was somewhat anxious to attend camp at first, they returned delighted with their experience. In my view, Manjedal has a good reputation for delivering positive experiences to disadvantaged children with trauma backgrounds.

Kate Keisler, Director at Calm and Connected

Service User
We run a therapy camp at Manjedal Activity Centre. Having access to these facilities has enabled us to support children with complex behavioural challenges. Not only are these boys aged 11-14 years able to attend a fun and supportive camp, it means their parents are also able to get respite. These boys would not typically be able to attend a mainstream service. The grounds of Manjedal mean that everything is available all on the one site, the facilities are always immaculately clean and the staff attentive and helpful. We have not seen another facility in the Perth metro region that would allow us to run our camp for the types of kids that we have coming 

They have always handled our bookings and attendance with a high level of professionalism and effeciency. We only have positive feedback from our experience of using their services. They ensure that the facilities are maintained to a high level and that the logistics of our programs are supported.