Code of Ethics and Conduct and Mutual Agreement

Code of Ethics


We demonstrate Integrity by:

  • Acting with honesty, truthfulness and fostering appropriate healthy professional relationships
  • Recognising and fulfilling where possible, our obligations to our community
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions and developing integrity in others
  •  Acting with impartiality, truthfulness and honesty.

We demonstrate Respect by:

  • Showing consideration to others, recognising each individual’s uniqueness and diversity
  • Minimising our impact on the environment and seeking to be good caretakers for future generations
  • Committing to members well-being and on-going learning through the practice of positive influence, good judgement and empathy in practice.

We demonstrate Courage by:

  • Providing challenging, developmental opportunities to empower young people
  • Being good role models in Scouting, demonstrating positive attitudes and willingness to live by the Scout Promise and Law
  • Being fair and reasonable

Code of Conduct

1. This Code of Conduct is a personal commitment. Its purpose is to protect all members of Scouting. It applies to all members over the age of 18, regardless of location and role, when engaging with young people and adults in any form. This includes face to face contact and using technology such as on-line formats. Parents and guardians who wish to actively participate in Scouting activities must also follow this Code.

“I will set an example that I would wish others to follow.
Therefore, I will:

  • respect the dignity of myself and others.
  • demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility,
  • recognise at all times that my words and actions are an example to other members of the Movement.
  • act at all times in accordance with the Promise and Law, Code of Ethics and this Code of Conduct, thereby setting a suitable example for all.
  • not use the Movement to promote my own beliefs, behaviours and practices where these are not compatible with Scouting Principles.
  • adhere to the Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy and provide a safe environment for youth members participating in the Scout Program, their parents or guardians and visitors.
  • report any conduct seen or heard that does not comply with this Code of Conduct to the appropriate Scouting person.”

Mutual Agreement

1. The Mutual Agreement is a formal document defining the relationship between the applicant and Scouts Australia, and consists of a completed application for appointment and details of Scouts Australia’s commitment to the applicant, as follows:

• A defined organizational framework in which to operate, characterised by equity and fairness and a right to be heard.
• A personal development process that recognises existing skills and leads to enhanced personal and functional competencies.
• Consideration of individual needs in appointment.
• A variety of leadership roles in a team environment.
• The opportunity to contribute to the personal development of young people.
• Opportunities for community service.
• Appreciation for and recognition of individual contribution.
• Advice and access to programs and materials to carry out the leadership task.
• Public liability insurance for actions consistent with the policies of the Association.
• Opportunities for friendship and fellowship.
• Opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities.

The Applicant’s Commitment to the Association is:
• To live by the Scout Law and Promise and to accept the Code of Conduct for Adults in Scouting.
• To work to achieve the Aim, Principles and Method of the Association.
• To represent and promote the Scout Movement to the community.
• To be a role model for youth members and adults.
• To accept the responsibility of working with young people (including duty of care, treating with respect).
• To accept the authority of the Association.
• To acknowledge that teamwork is the basis of Scouting, requiring active cooperation with others and respect for their views and values.
• To complete basic level training within 6 months and advanced level training within 3 years of accepting a uniformed Leadership role.
• To agree to abide by all Scouts WA policy and procedures.

2. The Mutual Agreement is entered into by the applicant and the responsible manager and endorsed by the District Personnel Committee or other Association nominee.

3. The Mutual Agreement is finalised (as the Preliminary Core/Induction Core Module) after suitability checks and leads to appointment and membership of the Movement.

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From stories, games and craft to camping, bush adventures and water activities, Scouting offers activities to suit every interest and age group.

Growth and Learning

Scouts grow through adventure and new challenges. They make friends, build confidence and explore their abilities and interests. But most of all, Scouts have fun!

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Scouts WA values diversity and we warmly welcome members and volunteers from all backgrounds, and those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

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