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The Scout Method empowers young people to develop their capacities for making decisions that affect their lives, and engage in decision making in the groups and institutions in which they are involved, We support Scout Members to reach their full capacity. 

Read the stories and accomplishments shared by our members and Scouts WA youth. 

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Jordan Phillips

Chairperson- WA Rover Council, Program Support Team – Scouts WA

About Jordan

Jordan started in 2009 as a Cub Scout at Bibra Lake. He has spent most of his Scouting life as a part of Willagee-Kardinya Scout Group as  Scouts, Venturers and now Rovers where he opened the Rover Unit last year. 

In February this year, Jordan was the first Rover Scout in Australia to achieve the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management qualification through Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT), which is a testament to the many roles he holds within Scouting.

Jordan’s Scouting membership and opportunities provided him with the knowledge, skills, leadership and demonstrated experience required for this qualification.

Jordan Phillips Diploma

Jordan Phillips

Tell us about the kinds of projects, team events and community projects you have been involved with at Scouts to work towards getting your Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management? 

Rover Scout of the Year WA

My work at a Branch level in Scouts WA was the main driver of my evidence towards the Advanced Diploma. Undertaking the following projects: 

  • Developing resources and workshops to roll out Scouts | Terrain for Scouts WA to use -as part of the Digital Systems team. 
  • Overcoming, targeting, and worked to improve issues for Rover Scouts that limited or discouraged participation in Adult Training and Development. Seeing 50 Rovers undertake their training within a year and seeing the Rover Scout section have a major increase in trained individuals. 
  • Work towards completion of my Wood Badge 3, and becoming an Assistant Leader Trainer, being mentored, and trained up to become a member of the National Training Team. 
  • Developed a New Youth Program version of the Venturer Scout Unit Management Course. Not just by tweaking content, but by constructing a whole new curriculum, resources, and material for this youth training course, which was presented and shared with the National Youth Program Team. 
  • Work alongside the 2022 WA Rover Council (WARC) Executive to lead and coordinate the Rover Scout Section. 

What contribution have you made to Scouts WA that is most meaningful to you? 

There are two contributions that are the most meaningful to me;

  1. The Venturer Scout Unit Management Course, as this was a major project stemming over 3 months, that received National attention.
  2. My work as Training and Development Officer of WARC in 2021, where I worked and supported the whole Rover Section through completing their training, seeing a vast improvement in Rover engagement with all areas of training. 

Do you feel that Scouts has made a difference to your life or career aspirations? 

My involvement in the training areas of Scouting (Digital Systems Team, Venturer Unit Management, Adult Training and Development) have equipped me with skills, knowledge and experiences that have benefitted me in my studies to become secondary teacher. 

How will you use being a recipient of this Diploma to influence other Scouts and how will it impact you in the future? 

I would use my knowledge and work for completing the Advanced Diploma to help and support other Rover Scouts in being able to obtain this qualification. As it is an incredible opportunity that SAIT provides, and a fantastic way for young adults to receive formal qualifications through their volunteering. 

Tell us about a Scout Leader, friend, or mentor who made a significant impact on you or set you on your present path? 

It is hard to narrow it down to one individual when you’ve been involved in Scouting for 14years.

Growing up through the sections, each Leader at the time had a significant impact as they’d be there supporting you in your various endeavours and goals; and volunteering their time to ensure that you could have the best experience possible.

Now as an Adult Member of the Scouting Association, I have incredible mentors who have shown me the ropes, and who are constantly guiding and supporting me to continue chasing what I love in Scouting and it’s really helping me get the most out of the Scouting Movement.