Floreat Scout Group Goes to Sea

Going to sea to see what it is like in today’s Navy!


On September 30th , the Floreat Scout Group was invited to not only go aboard the HMAS Perth lll, but to also go to sea with the ship’s crew.

The ship left Garden Island, and we were underway learning what the man overboard drill was like and were treated to the sound of 80mm machine-gun rapid-fire for ship’s security. All sailors aboard the ship must learn to fight fire in case of emergency and the Scouts also got a try at it.

The first ship bearing the name of HMAS Perth had the motto of Floreat (Latin: “Let it flourish ”) – which is what out Scout Group name means. This vessel is HMAS Perth lll, and their motto is now: “Fight And Flourish ”.  Before we left the wharf the Group Leader, Nichol de Saxe (aka Sea Gull) made Commander Anthony Nagle an honorary member of the Floreat Scout Group.

The first ship bearing the name of Perth was lost in battle in the second world war off the coast of Java with 681 men aboard. 328 men and the ship’s cat survived to make it to shore. Red Lead was the cat’s name, because sometimes it got into red lead paint and walked around the ship leaving paw prints. Around the new ship there are occasionally red paw prints symbolising the survival spirit of “Red Lead”

The Scouts are learning more about the HMAS Perth story as the year goes forward, including the HMAS Perth Memorial being built in East Fremantle. The Scouts and parents were very excited about this outing and thanks the ship’s company and Commander Nagle for our great adventure on the high seas. 

 James D Maughmer AGL Floreat

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