Scouts Water Activity Centre Como

Scouts Water Activity Centre Como


There’s been lots of action and cleaning up around Scouts Water Activity Centre Como as the weather warms up! 

The Boating Team and Canning Sea Scout Group are working together to bring new life to the Scout Water Activity Centre, just off the freeway in Como. SWAC is being set up to be the headquarters for Boating activity for all WA Scout Groups. Canning Sea Scouts already used regularly the hall and facilities at SWAC for their boating activities.

As a team, we are pushing ahead to get SWAC Cat back on the water by the end of 2022, so that we can load her up with Joeys and Cubs for exciting trips under sail.

SWAC Update

Thank You

The weekend of 10 and 11 September saw a great step forward by many dedicated volunteers. The crew below is shown relaxing after moving a keel boat out of the way to clear the space behind SWAC Cat

The September clean up happened with the assistance of members. Many thanks to Sam, Barb, Geoff, Lori, Warren, Christopher, Brett, Ian, Richard, Aurora, Sebastian, James, Keall, Dermott, Nigel, David, Peter, Ann and Frank. In particular Peter Birch was able to share the history of the site and SWAC Cat. Another milestone achieved was to lift a Red Witch keel out of the sand.

Current activities and maintenance:SWAC Como Keel

    • Mow lawns and prune shrubs and trees
    • Sort out old or unusable equipment ready for disposal
    • Rationalise and rearrange the storage of boats in the boatshed and grounds
    • Check and catalogue the “wardrobe” of about 100 sails.
    • Repairs to the catamaran SWAC Cat, ready to be a Joey and Cub adventure platform.

Future tasks:

    • Painting and repairs to the buildings
    • Install winch in boat shed for boat retrieval
    • Replacement jetty
    • Send the old and broken equipment to the tip
    • Research an electric outboard for SWAC Cat
    • Repairs and maintenance to the other vessels (Learning By Doing, Youth Leading, Be Prepared, Osprey and our un-named tinnie)

As a team we are pushing ahead to get SWAC Cat back on the water by the end of 2022, so that we can load her up with Joeys and Cubs for exciting trips under sail.

We are also working to refurbish the halls and grounds at the site, for use by Canning and other Groups for training, boating or sleepovers. Many thanks to the numerous volunteers that have helped with the work so far!

We’re not finished yet by any means, but the changes we have made are really making a difference to the site and the future of boating adventures for all Scout members in WA.

If you’d like to help or if you’d like more information on the project, please email us by clicking the button below: 

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Participate as a volunteer with Scouts WA to contribute to youth members development through a range of projects and community events. 

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You will be actively involved in planning and implementing projects to help your local community and in expanding the community awareness of the young people in your group. You’ll encourage a sense of responsibility and goodwill by participating in activities, and you’ll be helping to develop future generations.

How can I be involved?

We need all kind of Volunteers in Scouting. Some of the roles available are:

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  • Leaders of Adults such as Group Leaders, District Commissioners and District Leaders. The people in these roles deal with the management of Groups and Districts and are there to support Youth Leaders.
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  • Group Support Committee Members assist with the running of a Scout Group by taking on roles such as Treasurer.

To find out more, contact the Scouts WA Administration Office on (08) 6240 7700 or by email at

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Scouting is often noted as having some of the best leadership training in the world.

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