Scouts WA Safe Participant Training

Safe Participant Survival Course

Safe Participant Survival Course

From 25 – 27 November, join us for a fun and challenging educational experience designed to teach you the key survival techniques in case of emergency through a variety of various fundamental bushcraft and survival skills.

This course covers requirements for supporting Scouts to achieve level 4 and 5 in the ‘Bushcraft Survival’ stream.

‘Bushcraft Survival’ is a skill, and like any other, it takes knowledge and practice to master. Bear Grylls had years of training to learn how to prepare adequately for the area he’ll be traversing and practicing the survival skills he needs.

The Scouts Survival Team will teach you the five survival skills of bushcraft;

  • Shelter
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Signaling
  • Food

Safe Participant Survival CourseVenturers, Rovers and Leaders

Your adventures into the outdoors went wrong. Be prepared. You might be lost or injured on a 6 hour bushwalk, and you need to spend the night. Perhaps you fell in a river and lost the contents of your pack and you are several kilometers down river with no map, no tents and no matches. You need a fire and shelter. Do you know what to do?

Learn what to carry in personal survival kits, how to build a variety of shelters, how to light a fire with no matches, and how to deal with staying alive with limited resources until help arrives.

Course Prerequisites and Details

Prerequisites required for Scout Australia On Demand Modules

Knowledge of KnotsSafe Participant Survival Course

      • Bowline
      • Sheet bend
      • Prussic knot
      • Rolling hitch


Safe Participant Course Details

When: Date Friday 25th Nov to Sunday 27th nov

Where: Held at Mandalay Camping Huts

Cost: $50

Open to: Venturers, Rovers and Leaders

Bring your own hiking gear. Self catered. Tea/coffee, fruit, snacks and biscuits provided. Full Instruction given on application. 

PLEASE NOTE: One requirement of the course is each participant will be required to sleep in a survival shelter for an evening to gain the experience.

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