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Are you ready for JOTA-JOTI 2023? Who will you catch up with? Where will they be? Where will you be?

JOTA-JOTI (Jamboree On The Air – Jamboree On The Internet) is a World-Wide Scout and Guide event. It started in 1957 as a way of Scouts and Guides all over the world communicating with each other using Amateur Radio (the original JOTA).

In the 1990’s the internet (JOTI) was added to make the current JOTA-JOTI event, which is held on the third full weekend in October each year.

Will you be participating? Can you add some activities that will help achieve your milestones? What about doing something related to an SIA? The opportunities for radio, communications, electronics and STEM as JOTA-JOTI activities are endless.

More Information

To view a list of the active JOTA-JOTI sites visit

WOSM JOTA-JOTI website –

Other Australian JOTA-JOTI locations –

To register your Scouts WA JOTA-JOTI station contact the events team at Branch HQ.

For general enquiries email

JOTA – Radio Activity Resources

Scout Repeaters – Perth Metro area:
2m       146.975 MHz               No Tone

Amateur Radio Calling Frequencies for JOTA (SSB Voice):
Band        Australia         International
80 m        3.650 MHz      3.690 / 3.940 MHz
40 m        7.090 MHz      7.190 MHz
20 m        14.190 MHz    14.290 MHz
15 m        21.190 MHz    21.360 MHz
10 m        28.590 MHz    28.390 MHz

Once contact is made, please QSY to another clear frequency
Echolink *SCOUT-VK*   
DMR Brandmeister                 TG 907 (Calling – move to TAC 9071-9078 for working
DMR VK-DMR                          TG 30 -39

JOTA-JOTI Radio handbook: lots of ideas for activities and a good overview of how radio works, phonetic alphabet etc

JOTI – Internet Activity Resources                Includes JOTA-JOTI chat (text and voice), forum, Minecraft            Includes Minecraft and Discord                JOTI radio station (online)