Scouting@Home is the Scouting program but done from home. It’s fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive. Delivered using online platforms, it continues Group connections by empowering Youth Members and Leaders and enables them to work in their Patrols and Units.  Members continue to do activities that promote personal growth and development,  including developing new skills, building and learning about new technologies, leading creative challenges, learning about the environment, and undertaking science experiments.

Scouts can choose their own adventure and take on the challenge own, in a Patrol or with their whole Unit! They may even want to form a Project Patrol with some friends from other Units or Sections.

Scouting@Home – 30 Activities in 30 Days

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Scouting@Home experience

We would like to thank our members for sending in their Scouting@Home Photos with special acknowledgements to: Freddie, Jon from Rockingham Scout Group, Val and Liz from Mullaloo Sea Scout Group and Waylen Bay Sea Rovers

Freddie Sayer 10 years old, Cub Scout Rockingham Scout Group

Scouting at home is some times as much fun as meeting at the Hall with all your mates and playing team games, because you still get to do cool stuff like playing games like knife, fork, spoon during our weekly meetings on Zoom. Camping and cooking on a fire in the back yard is really fun and I don’t know why we don’t just do that all the time!! Meeting Scouts from around the world during JOTI, including Bear Grylls was also fun. I am looking forward to going back to Cubs and camping at Manjedal, but Scouting at home is fun until then.

Liz Ducie 11 years old, Scout Mullaloo Scout Group

Virtual Camp@Home – so much fun but not quite as much as Gumbooya ! We were facetimed by our GL, Natalie, which was brilliant as she is always so cheerful