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Scouts WA Recycling Joins Containers For Change Scheme

2020 will be an exciting and busy year for Scouts WA with the success of its new social enterprise, Scouts WA Recycling, being selected to join the WA Government’s Containers for Change container deposit scheme as a refund point operator.  The scheme will promote and encourage recycling, improve the environment, reduce waste going to landfill, and help create jobs.  Scouts WA Recycling will be ready help achieve these goals when the scheme started on later this year on 1 October.  

Under Containers for Change, a 10-cent refund will be paid for eligible beverage containers returned to a refund point such as a Scouts WA Recycling depot.  Refund point operators will be paid a handling fee to count and sort containers returned to them.  The more containers returned and/or donated to Scouts WA Recycling, the more we will be able to build a long-term sustainable income to generate profit to invest back into the community through youth development programs.

Work is underway on getting the four refund point depots that will be operated by Scouts WA Recycling ready for the start.  Located in Wangara, Belmont, Kenwick, and Cockburn Central, the depots will provide over-the-counter and drop-off services for members of the public, and a collection service for businesses and organisations.  It is a tight timeline with much to be done but, as with all things Scouts, we will make sure it happens.

Containers for Change is an extremely exciting opportunity for Scouts WA – It’s an opportunity to raise funds through collecting eligible beverage containers to recover the refunds and to build a sustainable long-term income from handling fees as a successful refund point operator.

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