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Scouts WA Recycling Container Deposit Scheme




As you will have heard, the ‘go live’ for the scheme has now been set for October. We are excited, of course, because we are eager for much needed funds to flow into our Association in a number of ways. That being said, we are busy making sure that we have everything in place for the new start date In the meantime, just a few points to clear up for anyone who could not make it to our Container Deposit Scheme Information Evening earlier in the year:



  1. Scouts WA has been granted permission to operate four Depots by the Scheme Co-ordinator appointed by the State Government
  2. Scout Groups are encouraged to collect containers and return them to one of the four Scouts WA Depots to receive 10 cents per eligible container
  3. If a Scout Group returns their containers to a non-Scouts WA Depot, the Scout Group will still receive 10 cents per eligible container but Scouts WA will miss out on the 6 cent per container handling fee
  4. Scout Groups are encouraged to return eligible containers to a Scouts WA Depot because as members they will be supporting their own Association.
  5. Scouts WA is doing all that it can in these difficult times to support its members with Scouting At Home and fee free periods but the association is using its reserves in order to do so; members will be helping to rebuild those reserves by supporting their own Association
  6. Scouts WA will also rely upon Volume Partners from outside the Scouting membership to return their eligible containers to the Scouts WA Depots
  7. These Volume Partners will have significant numbers of containers to return each week (some are even donating a percentage of the 10 cent return fee to our Association) and for these partners a bin(s) will be provided and collected daily/weekly.
  8. If a Scout Group can demonstrate that their members are willing to do the work to collect a significant number of containers each week, Scouts WA can arrange to have an appropriately sized bin deposited at the Scout Hall, which will be collected by arrangement.
  9. Scouts WA has four trucks and does not have the capacity to supply and collect bins to Scout Groups which are not actively sourcing significant numbers of eligible containers
  10. Scout Groups with lower volumes of eligible containers are asked to collect them and bring them into one of the four Scouts WA Depots to receive their refund of 10 cents per container.
  11. Scout Groups are asked not to build cages or approach Local Government Authorities to erect any other storage facilities
  12. If you have any questions please contact David Turner on 0418 941 253 and he will be only too pleased to assist with your enquiry because we want this scheme to be a huge success for our Association.



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