Scouts WA Neurodiversity Workshop



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Available to all ADULT members of Scouts WA. Spaces are limited. 


This myth-busting course explores the benefits, differences and challenges of differently wired brains. Neurodiversity refers to variations in the workings of the human brain and encompasses a range of conditions including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, Tourette syndrome and various types of cognitive and learning differences.  


While previously thought of as a disability, neurodiversity is now understood to be simply a difference in brain functions which presents a range of advantages and benefits.  Based on the social model of disability, and taking a strengths-based perspective, this course explores neurodiversity simply as a type of human variation.  


We explore common traits, characteristics, preferences, differences and strengths, and look at ways employers, service providers, families and the wider community can better understand and support neurodiverse individuals.  


TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: Understanding neurological variation, Thinking, learning and social difference, Difference vs disability, Benefits, advantages and strengths, Barriers, challenges and support needs, Inclusive environments and services, Person-centred approaches, Communication tools and Innovations and opportunities  




  • Perth North:    12th November 2022 – 9am-4pm 
  • ECU Joondalup, Room 8.204 
  • BYO Lunch / Morning & Afternoon Tea provided 
  • Evolve Training Presenter: TBC 
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