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Containers for Change and Scouts WA Recycling

What is the Containers for Change Scheme & Why is it so important to Scouts WA?

Already in full swing across the eastern states, the Containers for Change scheme will provide a 10-cent refund for each eligible container recycled at an approved refund point in Western Australia. The initiative aims to create a cleaner community for everyone by encouraging more people to recycle.

To take part in the scheme and become an official refund point, Scouts WA has established an exciting new social enterprise – Scouts WA Recycling.

Launched on October 1 2020, Scouts WA Recycling will operate depots with over the counter refund points in Wangara, Kenwick, Cockburn Central and Malaga, as well as a commercial collection service offering local businesses, clubs and community groups a better way to recycle.

How will it work?

  1. Drop off your eligible containers at one of the Scouts WA Recycling depots
  2. The Scouts WA Recycling team will sort your containers and advise if any are not recyclable
  3. Collect your refund for your eligible containers as cash, or donate your refund to Scouts WA

Every container processed by Scouts WA Recycling will make a difference. Scouts WA is looking to support the Wirrpanda Foundation and the Polly Farmer Foundation with up to 40 new entry level jobs, focusing on employment for young people, those living with disabilities, the long term unemployed, and Indigenous Australians.

Why is Containers for Change important to Scouts WA?

Taking part in Containers for Change will provide Scouts WA with a new opportunity to generate revenue. Scouts WA will use donations earned through Containers for Change to improve resources for members throughout WA, to help even more young people to seek new adventures and challenges.

Click here to find your nearest Scouts WA Recycling depot.

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