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Campwest 2020

Held every three years, Campwest is an epic adventure for Western Australian Scouts. For Scouts planning on attending the next Australian Jamboree in January 2022, Campwest is one way to ensure you’re well prepared.

Campwest 2020 will be held from Saturday 26 September 2020 till Saturday 3 October 2020 at Manjedal Activity Centre.

The cost of the event is $530 for Scouts and $260 for Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and other adults.

Key event information

Key details including eligibility, registration and fee inclusions can be found in the event information sheet available here


Click here to register for Campwest 2020!

If you’re unsure how to register, simply follow this handy flow chart:


Campwest 2020 incorporates six action-packed activity days. Scouts will visit Perth Zoo, chill out at the offsite Beach Party, share a day at Adventure World with their mates, tackle a full day Survivor Experience, enjoy entertainment each and every night, and explore four onsite activity zones.

There will be an element of choice at each activity where patrols will be able to choose the specific activities they complete.

Check out just some of the activities on offer at Campwest 2020 below.

Activity Description
Perth Zoo-mazing Race (offsite) Get in touch with your wild side at the Perth Zoo as you race against other patrols.
Beach Party (offsite) Dive into the Beach Party and try out a raft of water activities.
Adventure World (offsite) Jump onboard the huge range of rides available at Adventure World as the entire camp heads offsite on the final day of Campwest 2020.
Survivor Experience (offsite) Tackle this full-day experience at Dwellingup, incorporating the Trees Adventure and paddling down the Murray River where you’ll experience grade two rapids.
Onsite zones Explore four onsite activity zones including an escape room and MasterChef.
Chill time Free time to chill with your old and new Scouting friends from across Western Australia.
Evening entertainment Enjoy entertainment each and every night, including movies, discos and wide games.

Please note: the event program is subject to changes due to operational requirements and final registration numbers.

Market Day & Future Scout Day

On 1 October 2020, Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts are invited to join in the fun on Market Day and experience life in the Scout section. Details about registrations and costs will be provided in the next few months.

Design Squad

We’ve taken youth empowerment to the next level. The Campwest 2020 Design Squad, consisting of Scouts and Venturer Scouts from around Western Australia, have been involved in the creation of the event program, theme, merchandise design, menu planning and promotion strategies. Every element of the event has been designed by young people for their peers. Members of the Design Square are helping to create the following elements of Campwest 2020:

  • Event theme and logo
  • Onsite and offsite activities
  • Evening entertainment
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Menu
  • Merchandise, including the event badge
  • Unit/Troop formation.

Marketing Resources

Please download these resources to help you promote Campwest 2020 in your Scout Group:

Roles available

  • Director Program
    Responsible for leadership of the program team and delivery of the youth program.
  • Manager Offsite Activities
    Responsible for the Plan, Do and Review of offsite activities at Campwest 2020.
  • Manager Onsite Activities
    Responsible for the Plan, Do and Review of onsite activities at Campwest 2020.
  • Manager Entertainment
    Responsible for the Plan, Do and Review of entertainment activities at Campwest 2020.
  • Manager Marketing
    Responsible for marketing of the event to eligible participants across Australia.
  • Director Logistics
    Responsible for leadership of the logistics team and delivery of logistics services to support the event.
  • Manager Camping
    Responsible for promoting high standards of camping throughout the event.
  • Manager Transport
    Responsible for arranging transport to support regional participants and offsite activities.
  • Manager Special Diets
    Responsible for the provision of special dietary needs for all participants.
  • Manager Risk
    Responsible for the safe operation of the event, including completion of all risk management documentation.
  • Manager Information Hub
    Responsible for timely responses to requests for information from event participants, parents and Leaders.

    To apply for one of these roles, send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday 26 September till Saturday 3 October, 2020.

Campwest 2020 will be held at Manjedal Activities Centre, which is about a 10-minute drive from Byford.

Scouts must be aged between 11 and 15 years on 26 September 2020, and meet the other eligibility requirements on the event information sheet found here.

Contact if you’re unsure.

The Campwest 2020 Team have updated registrations to include linking Cub Scouts for Campwest 2020.

The Cub Scout will need to meet all prerequisites that apply to a Scout section member by the Opening Day of Campwest 2020 (26 September 2020).

As there are no refunds for this event, it is recommended that the Cub Scout discuss their attendance at Campwest 2020 with their Scout Leader prior to registering for the event to confirm they will be able to achieve all prerequisites before the event and establish a plan on how the prerequisites will be achieved.

Please note that as per the Scouts Australia Policy and Rules, Cub Scout Section R6.3 Membership, a Cub Scout must be 11 years of age in order to link to the Scout Section. If you have any questions about the age ranges, we recommend you contact your Group Leader, District Commissioner or the Scouts WA Administration Office.

Absolutely! Venturers will camp in their own sub-camp, provide service to assist with the smooth operation of Campwest 2020, and participant in a few Venturer-only activities. They’ll even get to go to Adventure World for the day!

We encourage Venturer Scouts to get in touch with our Venturer Team Leaders, Emma and Cooper, by emailing with any questions they may have.

They sure are! Please contact the Girl Guides WA Administration Office for information on how to apply.

Once you register, you will receive an invoice via email with a payment due date of 26 June 2020 (the registration closing date). If you don’t pay by this date you will be withdrawn from the event. Whilst the due date of the invoice isn’t until the registration closing date, the best way to secure your spot at Campwest 2020 is to pay at your earliest convenience.

If after making application, you are unable to attend the event, you must advise the Event Management Team in writing as soon as possible by emailing

If your withdrawal email is received on or before the application closing date (Friday 26 June 2020), we will provide a refund equal to the amount paid less the withdrawal fee of $100.

We are unable to provide any refunds for withdrawals after Friday 26 June 2020.

The site for Campwest 2020, Manjedal Activities Centre, has a limit on the total number of people (maximum 1,100) that are allowed to camp.

If we reach that number of registrations we will have to close registrations early.

There are 1900 youth members eligible to attend Campwest 2020, and we need adults to support the camp, so we recommend you register and pay as early as possible to secure your spot.

Scouts need to have completed their badgework (Scoutcraft badge OR Introduction to the Scout Section badge) and four nights camping in a tent (two of which must be consecutive) by the opening day of Campwest 2020 (26 September 2020).

In order to attend Campwest 2020, Scouts must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • Be registered as a Scout Section member at the time of application and through till 4 October 2020.
  • By the opening day of Campwest 2020, have completed either the:
    • Scoutcraft badge; OR
    • The Introduction to Scout Section badge.
  • Have completed four (4) nights in a tent as a member of the Scout section, at a Scout camp, with two (2) of those nights being consecutive. Camping with family or at school etc. does not count.
  • Have approval from their Unit Council and Scout Leader (or Leader-In-Charge).
  • Have consent from their parents/guardian.
  • Not have had their 15th birthday before the opening day of Campwest 2020 (26 September 2020)

As there are no refunds for this event, it is recommended that the Scouts discuss their attendance at Campwest 2020 with their Scout Leader prior to registering for the event to confirm they will be able to achieve all prerequisites before the event and establish a plan on how the prerequisites will be achieved.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with with any questions.

The cost for Scouts is $530 and the cost for all others is $260.

The following special diets will be catered for at Campwest 2020: vegetarian, egg free, nut free, gluten free and lactose free. Special diets need to be identified in your online application in MyScout.

Due to the volume of participants attending Campwest 2020, we will not be able to cater for other diets, dietary choices or supply specific brand requests. Any questions regarding diets should be directed to

No, all participants must register themselves on MyScout. This is to ensure that we receive the correct medical, dietary and emergency contact information for all participants.

Individual Scouts WA members can register by clicking here.

Absolutely! We welcome all eligible Scouts from across Western Australia. Scouts will be placed into Campwest Units of 36 with a mix of Scouts from across Western Australia. Each Campwest Unit will have a Campwest Line Leader and assistant line leaders appointed to support the Scouts.

Information regarding volunteer roles will be communicated via email after applications close on Friday 26 June 2020. If you have a preference for a specific role, please send an email to – the Event Team is always on the lookout for extra help!

The Leader Orientation Day is a briefing for all volunteers (Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, Leaders and other adults) attending Campwest 2020. You’ll get to meet your team and find out about all arrangements put in place for Campwest 2020.

The Leader Orientation Day is scheduled for Sunday 26 July 2020 at a location to be confirmed in metro Perth.

We are investigating ways to make the Leader Orientation Day accessible to regional participants. We will provide the details directly to relevant participants closer to the time.

Throughout the event program, Scouts will have the opportunity to visit public locations such as Perth Zoo and Adventure World, where shops will be accessible. Scouts may choose to purchase snack items (e.g. an ice cream) or souvenirs at these locations. We recommend a maximum of $20 spending money.

There may be an onsite shop selling a limited range of Jamboree merchandise, such as drink bottles, hoodies and badges. This is to be confirmed and will be communicated closer to the event.

All catering and program costs for the duration of Campwest 2020 are covered in the event fee, so it is certainly not compulsory to send your Scout with spending money.

Campwest Line Leaders may put in place arrangements to assist with the security of Scout spending money.

A suggested packing list will be provided to all Campwest Line Leaders at Leader Orientation Day. Your Campwest Line Leader will pass on the suggested packing list during Term 3 2020.

All Campwest merchandise will be distributed onsite at the event. We recommend that Leaders have permanent markers available to write names on shirts.

You can get more information by contacting our Information Hub via email at


    Please send any questions regarding Campwest 2020 to our Information Hub by emailing