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Adult Recognition Awards 2019

Scouts WA would like to recognise and congratulate the outstanding achievements and contributions from our Leaders and Supports of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2019.

Today is a day on which we celebrate Scouting by wearing our scarves with pride, and formally acknowledge those adults whom without we would not be able to provide the amazing programs, opportunities and support that we do for our youth members.

Special Service Award
For the successful support, development or management of a Section or Formation, or for an intense contribution of at least 12 months to the success of a major event or major activity.

ABBOTTSTEPHENQuartermasterNortham Scout Group
ATKINSONRENEEAssistant Joey Scout LeaderKalamunda Scout Group
AVRAMITAIOANAScout LeaderWanneroo Scout Group
BARRYPHILIPScout LeaderRiverton Scout Group
BATESLEEAdult HelperWalliston Scout Group
BATTERSTAHLIADeputy Regional Chief Commissioner Adult ResourcesCountry North Region and Country South Region
BRINNERLESLEIGHAssistant Scout LeaderMandurah Scout Group
BROOKERKATHRYNCommittee TreasurerNortham Scout Group
BUCKLEAMYAssistant Group LeaderForrestfield Scout Group
BURNETTELISACommittee ChairpersonBayswater Sea Scout Group
CANEMATHEWRover ScoutRiver Ranges Rover Crew
CARSONDANIAVenturer Scout LeaderWaylen Bay Sea Scout Group
CLARKKAITLINAssistant Joey Scout LeaderEllenbrook Scout Group
CLARKEJAMESAssistant Group LeaderMidland Scout Group
CLEMENTS-JEWERYCHRISTINEAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAlkimos Scout Group
COLLINSGRACEGroup LeaderBuddha’s Light International Association Scout Group
CROCKERKRISTYCommittee SecretaryNortham Scout Group
DEERINGMELANIECub Scout LeaderRoleystone Scout Group
DUBASHRAYANAssistant Cub Scout LeaderMidland Scout Group
DUNCANKAYECommittee TreasurerWillagee Kardinya Scout Group
ELLIOTTTRACYAssistant Scout LeaderJoseph Banks Scout Group
FORWOODBEVERLEYAssistant Joey Scout LeaderSalter Point Sea Scout Group
GENGEMICHAELAssistant Group LeaderMandurah Scout Group
GRIFFITHSSYLVIAAdult HelperFloreat Scout Group
GROENEWEGMICHAELAssistant Scout LeaderBateman Winthrop Scout Group
HANNANJENNIFERAssistant Joey Scout LeaderSecret Harbour Scout Group
HEBBMISHAEJoey Scout LeaderRiverton Scout Group
HENDERSONASHLEIGHAssistant Group LeaderAlbany Scout Group
HEPTINSTALLJOANNACommittee TreasurerFloreat Scout Group
HOARE-WARDBENJAMINAssistant Scout LeaderBeldon Scout Group
HODGSONVANESSABranch Leader Science Technology Engineering and MathematicsWestern Australia Branch
HULLANDREWAdult HelperFloreat Scout Group
HUNTERMICHELLECommittee TreasurerRiverton Scout Group
JORDANGRAHAMECub Scout LeaderMorley Scout Group
KELLY AASTAAssistant Joey Scout LeaderGoollelal Greenwood Scout Group
KELLYMARIAAssistant Cub Scout LeaderWalliston Scout Group
KELLYNORMAAdult HelperKalamunda Scout Group
LEAVERGRAHAMCommittee MemberHampton Park Scout Group
LEVERJEFFREYScout LeaderKalamunda Scout Group
LIDDELOWTHOMASAssistant Scout LeaderMidland Scout Group
LINEHANADAMAssistant Cub Scout LeaderWalliston Scout Group
MCBROOMSHELLEYCommittee SecretaryWalliston Scout Group
MILLARDCHARLOTTEAdult HelperHampton Park Scout Group
MIROALLANAssistant Scout LeaderDianella Scout Group
MONTGOMERYTODDAssistant Cub Scout LeaderEllenbrook Scout Group
MORRISWILLIAMScout LeaderBayswater Sea Scout Group
NIKOLICHLISAAssistant Scout LeaderRossmoyne Shelley Scout Group
NOLANTASMANCommittee TreasurerGeraldton Scout Group
ORMONDE-BARKERVANESSAAssistant Cub Scout LeaderSalter Point Sea Scout Group
PABSTGLENNAssistant Cub Scout LeaderKalamunda Scout Group
PHILLIPSADAMVenturer Scout LeaderWillagee Kardinya Scout Group
PIETSCHSARAHAssistant Cub Scout LeaderJervoise Bay Sea Scout Group
POLMATTHEWCub Scout LeaderMandurah Scout Group
ROBINSONNURIAAssistant Cub Scout LeaderGoollelal Greenwood Scout Group
ROOSENDAALWAYNEAdult HelperKarratha Scout Group
ROOSENDAALZOECub Scout LeaderKarratha Scout Group
ROWEKYLIEAssistant Joey Scout LeaderBeechboro West Swan Scout Group
ROWLANDDAWNCommittee TreasurerSecret Harbour Scout Group
RYANRACHELStaffWestern Australia Branch
SCHROEDERCHRISTINEAssistant Joey Scout LeaderChittering Scout Group
SFORCINAELLIBranch Leader International ProgrammingWestern Australia Branch
SMITHDOUGLASCommittee ChairpersonRiverton Scout Group
STONEJENELLEAssistant Venturer Scout LeaderCollie Scout Group
SUTTONLAURAAdult HelperSouthern River Scout Group
SWEETINGCATHERINEAssistant Group LeaderSecret Harbour Scout Group
TAYLFORTHMICHAELCommittee MemberBayswater Sea Scout Group
THORPEREBECCAAssistant Cub Scout LeaderRossmoyne Shelley Scout Group
TURNERDAVIDStaffWestern Australia Branch
TYLERSILKEAdult HelperRiverton Scout Group
VERMEERMICHAELGroup LeaderKinross Scout Group
VINEYMELISSACommittee TreasurerWestfield Scout Group
WATERSTYSONCub Scout LeaderSouthern River Scout Group
WATTERSMICHELLEGroup LeaderMidland Scout Group
WEIRSHELLEYJoey Scout LeaderSouthern River Scout Group
WESTCHRISTIE-LEEAssistant Cub Scout LeaderChittering Scout Group
WHITENATALIECommittee MemberMidland Scout Group
WILLIAMSPIERSCub Scout LeaderCambridge Scout Group
WILSONCHRISTINEAdult HelperHampton Park Scout Group
WILSONOWENAdult HelperHampton Park Scout Group
WRAGGMICHELEAssistant Cub Scout LeaderKalamunda Scout Group

Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years.

BETTISONTHOMASAssistant Scout LeaderMundaring Scout Group
CORVAIASEBASTIANOAssistant Cub Scout LeaderSubiaco Scout Group
DE LONGVILLECHERYLAssistant Scout LeaderSubiaco Scout Group
ARCHERROBINAssistant Cub Scout LeaderCambridge Scout Group
BRITTONYVONNEAssistant Joey Scout LeaderRockingham Scout Group
CLAYTONCHRISTOPHERAssistant Scout LeaderSubiaco Scout Group
JACKMANDEIRDREDistrict CommissionerSunset Coast District
DANEADELEBranch Leader Messengers of PeaceInternational Team
DAWSONDEANNEJoey Scout LeaderSalter Point Sea Scout Group
DE TOTTHGORDONGroup LeaderDianella Scout Group
DOWSLEYTHOMASScout LeaderFloreat Scout Group
EWINGNICOLLEStaffWestern Australia Branch
GAYNORIANCommittee TreasurerWalliston Scout Group
HARRISONDIANNECub Scout LeaderWalliston Scout Group
HARRISONJEFFREYScout LeaderWalliston Scout Group
HAYELISECub Scout LeaderFloreat Scout Group
JAGGERSHARNIVenturer Scout LeaderSecret Harbour Scout Group
JUPPCOLINScout LeaderFalcon Scout Group
KELLYMICHALEScout LeaderKalamunda Scout Group
KINGROBERTCommittee MemberPelican Point Sea Scout Group
LIDDLEELEANORAssistant District CommissionerKalamunda District
MARTINPETERDistrict CommissionerPeel District
OLDHAMSUZANNEDistrict CommissionerPilbara District
OLIVERNONAGroup LeaderTuart Hill Yokine Scout Group
PATMANANDREWAssistant Group LeaderFremantle Sea Scout Group
PICKWELLNEILScout LeaderJoondalup Scout Group
RIKKERSJULESBranch Leader FellowshipsWestern Australia Branch
SCHOTTEDEBBIEBranch Leader Social MediaWestern Australia Branch
SIDDELLMATTHEWCub Scout LeaderBaldivis Scout Group
SUTHERLANDPHILIPVenturer Scout LeaderSubiaco Scout Group
TAMMERIJNEBONYAssistant Scout LeaderSubiaco Scout Group
TAYLORJANEAssistant Scout LeaderGingin Scout Group
TEGGERTHLYNNCub Scout LeaderBayswater Sea Scout Group
THOMPSONKATHERINEAssistant Scout LeaderRoleystone Scout Group
WARDROBERICHARDVenturer Scout LeaderRoleystone Scout Group
WILLISRAQUELGroup LeaderBunbury Sea Scout Group
WYATTDANIELAssistant Scout LeaderBayswater Sea Scout Group

Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

OWENCATHYAssistant Group LeaderBullsbrook Air Scout Group
BREENMICHAELAAssistant Venturer Scout LeaderWalliston Scout Group
CAMPBELLVIVIANGroup LeaderCarey Park Scout Group
DENBYRICHARDVenturer Scout LeaderCarey Park Scout Group
EVERETTKELLYAssistant Group LeaderCape Naturaliste Scout Group
JOHNSTONANDREWAssistant Group LeaderBayswater Sea Scout Group
JUDGEVICTORIAAssistant Venturer Scout LeaderSecret Harbour Scout Group
LINKKARENCub Scout LeaderGeraldton Scout Group
LOVATTLORRAINEBranch Commissioner Cub ScoutsWestern Australia Branch
MOODYJENNIFERScout LeaderWalliston Scout Group
HIGHAMGREGORYRover AdviserSubiaco Scout Group
SATIEGAVINGroup LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
SCHRYVERMATTHEWGroup LeaderRockingham Scout Group

Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years.

GWILYMCAROLINECub Scout LeaderWhaleback Scout Group
PARSONSRUSSELLRegional Commissioner Adult Training and DevelopmentPerth North Region
SMITHDANIELBranch Commissioner Adult ServicesWestern Australia Branch

For Distinguished Service to the Scout Movement.

SARGANTSCOTTBranch Vice-PresidentWestern Australia Branch

Further distinguished service of around 4 – 5 years since the award of the Silver Koala.

YOUNGDEREKScout LeaderTwo Rocks Yanchep Emergency Scout Group

For eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period.

BARUGHCHRISTOPHERGroup LeaderWanneroo Scout Group
JILBERTBARRYCub Scout LeaderAmelia Heights Scout Group
PESTELLKEVINRegional Chief CommissionerCountry North Region

The Rover Service Award is presented to recognise individual’s outstanding contribution to the Rover Section over a sustained period.

BATTERSTAHLIARover ScoutWaylen Bay Scout Group
JACKSONDYLANFellowshipWarwick Scout Group
LIDDLEELEANORFellowshipKalamunda Rover Crew Fellowship