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A voice of change

As a broadcast journalist, 96fm news presenter Ally Valentine understands the importance of being a leader and knowing how to handle high pressure situations. Working independently to pump out hourly radio bulletins for the drive home, the mum of two acknowledges the impact of having been a Scout and how it has helped her excel in the media industry.

“As a journalist one of the best assets I can bring to the job is general knowledge.

“Each day is spontaneous and completely different from the last.

“Thanks to my time as a Scout I have general knowledge about things like sailing and the ocean, sports and physical activities like abseiling and tree climbing, knots and rescue techniques, first aid and geographical locations,” says Valentine.

As the first ever female Cub Scout at South Hornsby Scout Group in Sydney, the now 27-year-old learned quickly that Scouts is for everyone and not to be intimidated by things that haven’t been done before.

“I’m a girly girl at heart and typically don’t like to get my hands dirty, but there wasn’t a single activity I did as a Scout that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

“Despite a fear of heights, a high-ropes course had me beaming from ear to ear, and completing challenges for Achievement Badges always left a great sense of pride.

“It’s more than just having fun. You’ll try new things and learn cool skills that you’ll be able to use at random times for the rest your life – and you’ll be thankful for it”.

With her two sons eager to join Joey Scouts as soon as they are of age, Valentine says she is excited for her children to share the same experiences and memories that she did.

“My boys are big fans of The Jungle Book and are fascinated by the Group’s pack calls and ceremony routines.

“That sense of belonging and community is something that I felt being a member of Scouts and I know they will too.

“I cannot wait for my own children to make new friendships and have a lot of fun whilst learning a huge range of invaluable life skills”.

Ally being invested as South Hornsby’s first ever female Cub Scout.

Scouts WA offers adventurous activities for youth aged 6-25 year-olds.