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Where Do Your Containers Go?




It’s National Recycling Week! This year’s theme is ‘Recovery – A future beyond the bin‘. It’s calling on us all to value resources and not put them in landfill. We’re already making this possible by recycling our containers at our refund points, minimising the amount of containers that are littering our beautiful state or being sent to landfill.

We’ve returned 1,245,771 containers in just the first month, what an achievement! Thank you for helping make change.

Where to do my containers go?

Aluminium cans can be recycled into new cans, aeroplane wings and window frames. Containers for Change recently purchased a WA based metal recycler to ensure all returned cans are made into new cans!

Water or soft drink bottles (made out of PET) can be recycled into food trays, clothing and fabric and… more bottles!

Glass bottles returned to your local refund point get recycled into new glass bottles.

Containers made out of liquid paper board such as juice boxes and choc milk cartons turn into tissue paper.

Every container returned through Containers for Change is recycled! Before Containers for Change, only 3 in 10 containers were recycled. That means the other 7 are either being littered or sent to landfill. Our containers are sorted into 8 different material types, so they are clean, uncontaminated and ready to be turned into new products.

All four of our depots are located and open from:
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm
Sunday 10am – 3pm

A: 29 Dellamarta Rd, Wangara 6065
T: (08) 6209 4308
E: wangaracds@scoutswa.com.au

A: 1729 Albany Highway, Kenwick 6107
T: (08) 6507 8399
E: kenwickcds@scoutswa.com.au

A: 303 Victoria Road, Malaga 6090
T: (08) 6249 8239
E: malagacds@scoutswa.com.au

Cockburn Central
A: 56 Cooper Road, Cockburn Central 6164
T: (08) 6498 2921
E: cockburncds@scoutswa.com.au

Visit one of our four depots this weekend for National Recycling Week. Be a part of the change with a spot of recycling! Click the button below to find your local refund point.

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