OneCamp Volunteers

OneCamp Eclipse is Coming – April 2023

OneCamp will be held from 11 to 19 April 2023 in the Swan Valley, around 30 minutes from Perth City. Expeditions and offsite activities will be held across Western Australia.  


Volunteers, Supporters and Helpers

 Make Our Events Possible! 

OneCamp Eclipse is made possible through the valuable time, support and expertise of our Volunteers, Helpers and Supporters.

We are looking for individuals and groups to join our Volunteer teams and support OneCamp Eclipse – come by yourself or get a crew of family and friends together and enjoy a great day out with Scouts!


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Adult Supporters and Volunteers Make Our Events Possible!


Volunteer TeamName

What You’ll

Be Doing

Dates Team Size
  • Event set up
Assist setting up event infrastructure, erecting signage and setting up activity spaces.Thursday 6 April till Monday 10 April, 202310 volunteers each day 
  • Event administration
Assist with admin tasks, merchandise sales and responding to enquires in the event officeTuesday 11 April till Wednesday 19 April, 20233 volunteers each day 
  • Traffic and transport
Assist with bus marshalling and directing traffic.Monday 10 April till Thursday 20 April, 20235 volunteers each day 
  • Food distribution
Assist with unloading food deliveries, storing food and sorting food into campsite allocations.Monday 10 April till Wednesday 19 April, 20235 volunteers each day 
  • Catering
Assist in our onsite kitchen to provide catering for event volunteers.Tuesday 11 April till Wednesday 19 April, 20235 volunteers each day 
  • Site operations
Assist with waste management and cleaning of facilities.Tuesday 11 April till Wednesday 19 April, 20235 volunteers each day 
  • Open day assistant
Assist visitors by providing directions and general informationTuesday 18 April 202310 volunteers 
  • Event pack down
Assist packing up event infrastructure, pulling down signage and packing up activity spaces.Thursday 20 April 202310 volunteers


Would You Like To Help Out?

Email us for details or to join the team!