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One Family One Journey Conference 2021

Like many of you, I attended the One Family One Journey Expo and Conference over the weekend of 30 July to 1 August (incorporating World Scouts Day on Sunday) and I am compelled to heartily congratulate our Chief Commissioner and his Team on what was an absolutely outstanding event!

The Expo on Friday night was a wonderful showcase of all the things Scouts WA offers to its Members from Joey Scouts, to our Leaders and Committees and through to our Scouts WA Fellowship Members. I spoke to some Leaders on the night who said they were so pleased to come and find out that there are a number of opportunities that we offer that they were not even aware of themselves!

Hopefully next time we can spread our visibility further and have 1000 more members of the general public come and find out about and be amazed by Scouting!

I attended every Conference Session over the weekend and came away with a wonderful little orange notebook full of new knowledge that I am sure I will put to good use sometime. The breadth of offerings in each session and across the weekend was outstanding and entirely relevant and I am sure that every participant, like me, not only took a great deal of new knowledge away but, equally importantly, took away a renewed view of what their Branch can and does do for them.

I fervently hope that this Conference can become a regular part of our calendar and that we can find a way, through the Expo format, to regularly broadcast our message to the wider community and other organisations with Vision overlaps with Scouting.

Thank you to all of our Members who came to this event from all over WA and very well done to Ayden and the Branch Leadership Team!

Greg Higham
Branch Board Chairperson