The Caring Circle

At Scouts WA we are passionate about promoting youth education and empowerment. We believe that access to the Scouting Program is the best way to do that.

We think that access should be available to all who want to take up the opportunity and should not be dictated by financial circumstances. In the past, Groups have raised funds to help families in need of financial assistance to pay fees and where that has not been enough the Administration Office has endeavoured to help when it comes to paying for membership of Scouts WA.

With the COVID-19 restrictions, Groups have not been able to fundraise in the traditional way and the Administration Office has not been able to collect Membership fees (we send our sincerest thanks to those who have paid their annual fee and elected not to have it refunded). The reduction in working hours or, worse still, stand downs have meant that even more families require help.

We are asking those who can, to dig a little deeper into their hearts and wallets to assist their fellow Scouts who may have been affected by family job losses or reduced hours. For the cost of a cup of coffee each month you could join our Caring Circle and help a Scouting friend in need.

View our donation options below

Extraordinary Supporter

If you would to join our Caring Circle, become a Extraordinary Supporter for only $11 per month or by making a $100 one off payment.

Keen Supporter

If you would to join our Caring Circle, become a Keen Supporter for only $6 per month or by making a $50 one off payment.

All donations will receive a Tax Deductible Receipt on completion of payment and donors will be listed in our Annual Report on our Website.

We know how compassionate you are and thank you in anticipation of your support for this very worthy project. We look forward to welcoming you to the Caring Circle.


Greg Higham
Board Chair

Jess Karlsson
Executive Manager

Ayden Mackenzie
Chief Commissioner

Reasons to join Scouts WA

A unique

Our program is like nothing else, offering a huge range of activities and experiences for ages ranging from 6 to 25 – and new members can join at any stage of Scouts!

Fun and

From stories, games and craft to camping, bush adventures and water activities, Scouting offers activities to suit every interest and age group.

Growth and Learning

Scouts grow through adventure and new challenges. They make friends, build confidence and explore their abilities and interests. But most of all, Scouts have fun!

Diversity and Inclusion

Scouts WA values diversity and we warmly welcome members and volunteers from all backgrounds, and those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

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