List of Donors


2013 Peter Walton AM CF
2013-2020 Sherry Donaldson
2014-2020 Anonymous 
2018 Jim MacFarlane

Caring Circle

Anyone donating above $500 is in a league of their own, they are an Absolute Treasure. 

2020 Anonymous x4 Extraordinary
2020 Anonymous Board Member Extraordinary
2021 Anonymous x1 Keen
2020 Matthew Blycha Extraordinary
2020 Gordon Cargeeg Extraordinary
2020 Sherry Donaldson Extraordinary
2020 Patricia Gilmour Keen
2020 Tony Goh Extraordinary
2020 Greg Higham Extraordinary
2020 Genevieve Hohnen Extraordinary
2021 Genevieve Hohnen Extraordinary
2020 David Kelly Extraordinary
2020 Dr Stephen Lee Absolute Treasure
2020 Ayden Mackenzie Extraordinary
2020 Sheridan McDonald Extraordinary
2020 Rebecca Morse Keen
2020 Alan Miller Extraordinary
2020 Sandra Minifie Extraordinary
2021 Alan (Aussie) Osborne  Absolute Treasure
2020 Dr Scott Sargant Extraordinary
2020 Jon Sayer Extraordinary
2020 Sylvia Shaw Extraordinary
2020 Miriam Stanborough Extraordinary
2022 Rachael Tamme Absolute Treasure
2020 Mark Thorpe Keen
2020 Gwen Treasure Absolute Treasure
2020 David Turner Extraordinary
2021 Cameron Turnor Keen
2020 David Vosnacos Extraordinary
2020 Isaac Wetherley Extraordinary
2022 John Wilkins Keen
2022 Rochelle Wilkins Keen
2020 Cassandra Wilson Keen
2020 David Young Extraordinary
2020 Lemieux Family Keen
2020 Kinross Scout Group Extraordinary
2020 Scouts WA Administration Staff Extraordinary and Keen



Reasons to join Scouts WA

A unique

Our program is like nothing else, offering a huge range of activities and experiences for ages ranging from 6 to 25 – and new members can join at any stage of Scouts!

Fun and

From stories, games and craft to camping, bush adventures and water activities, Scouting offers activities to suit every interest and age group.

Growth and Learning

Scouts grow through adventure and new challenges. They make friends, build confidence and explore their abilities and interests. But most of all, Scouts have fun!

Diversity and Inclusion

Scouts WA values diversity and we warmly welcome members and volunteers from all backgrounds, and those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

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