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Scouts WA Announces Branch Appointments

Scouts WA are excited to provide notification on the following Branch Appointments: 


The RCC Country South manages Scouting through the Districts and Groups in the Country South Region. 

Sharon is delighted to be able to help manage the Districts in the Country South Region – an area that spans east of Perth to the state border, then south to the coast, and up along the coast. She thinks the south of the state is truly beautiful country and comprises some of the best Scouts in the state.  

She grew up in regional Queensland and understands the differences between Regional and Suburban living and that knowledge will allow her to support Regional Groups effectively. She is excited to help grow Scouting in regional communities especially their community presence and will be able to use her skills as previous Group Leader of the largest Scout Group in the state to help support Perth South Region Scout Groups. She is keen to ensure that distance provides as minimal barrier to running effective programs as possible.  

Sharon’s passions may include surfing, topiary, beach combing, event management, a good coffee, childhood education, introducing youth to Pokemon Go and adopting dogs.

For support, assistance, feedback or good vibes about the Scouting in the Country South Region, Sharon can be contacted on  

Sharon Howe
Regional Chief Commissioner (Country South Region)


The ADCC Training Support assists in the management of the Training Support Team especially in the professional development of those who deliver and facilitate all kinds of training in WA.  

Delshard is delighted to take on the challenge to help bring different Training opportunities to youth and adult members of Scouting. 

He has enjoyed being involved in a diverse range of International Scouting roles, as well as being Rover Adviser for the WA Rover Council and as a member of the National Training Team. 

Delshard considers himself fortunate enough to discover Scouting as a Joey Scout and has never looked back. He is a true testament to the success of the program and is passionate to share the growth opportunities he has gained with all members.  

Delshard Mozhdehinia
Assistant Deputy Chief Commissioner (Training Support)

For support, feedback and queries about any of the personal development opportunities in WA, Delshard can be contacted on  


The BA Venturer Scouts supports the Venturer Section in WA, and advises the Branch Venturer Scout Council, in managing the Venturer section of the program. 

Sharni (far right) is looking forward to working alongside the Venturers of WA and the Branch Venturer Council and to empower them to make positive changes in their lives and the wider community.  

Sharni has been a Cub Scout Leader, a Venturer Leader a Group Leader, and most recently, was Activities Director at Enduro 2019 and on the committee of West Australian Venturer Experience – WAVE 2021. She has a passion for the Venturer Scout section and helping it and it’s members thrive She want’s to ensure all Venturers have the opportunity to develop the values and skills Scouting offers. 

Sharni Jagger
Branch Adviser (Venturer Scouts)

She is most looking forward to the upcoming Venturer Scout Ball in October, and working alongside the Branch Venturer Council Executive Committee who have been working hard locking in the details for fun Coastal themed event open to all Venturers in WA. 

For support regarding Venturers and how Venturer programs can be effective, Sharni can be contacted on  


The BC Diversity and Inclusion oversees the implementation of supporting the inclusion of diverse members in the Scouts Australia Program, and manages a team to provide specialist support to Leaders wanting to include these people in their units.  

Cassie has a passion for Diversity and Inclusion that comes from her experiences outside Scouting. She works in schools with students that have additional needs, and understands the importance for their growth about giving them and their teachers adequate support.  

Her experience as Regional Chief Commissioner for the Country South Region and growing up in the north of the state has given her a passion with working with indigenous people, and she is keen to expand the programs scouts can offer to these communities.   She looks forward to growing a team of specialists to help groups better understand and provide program services to a wide variety of members from different backgrounds. 

Cassie Wilson
Branch Commissioner (Diversity and Inclusion)

For support regarding inclusivity in your unit, Cassie can be contacted on  


The BC SAIT oversees the Scouts Australia Institute of Training Registered Training Organisation, in Western Australia and the assessing and issuing of industry relevant qualifications to Scouts WA Members.  

Daryn is excited to support Scouts WA Leaders and Youth Members to achieve their goals of gaining VET recognized outcomes, and to promote some lesser-known SAIT qualifications.  

The skills he has gained in his over 8 years as a Section Leader, Group Leader, and Branch Commissioner – Adventurous Activities will come in handy being able to relate these external qualifications for personal development into Leaders and Youth Members’ everyday Scouting,  

For support regarding the Vocational Training that Scouts Australia Institute of Training offers for free for members in WA or to be involved, Daryn can be contacted on  

Daryin Tisson
Branch Commissioner (Scouts Australia Institute of Training)


The BC Section Support oversees the Branch Leaders who provide specific information on sectional elements of the program.  

Rory’s enthusiasm for supporting sections to deliver the youth the program is the main driver behind this role. He believes in young people and their ability to design their own futures.  

His time spent on the Branch Training Team, coupled with his experience as a Cub Scout Leader, Scout Leader, Regional Commissioner Cub Scouts and Branch Commissioner Cub Scouts allow for an in-depth knowledge of the program and how to guide members in its delivery.   

Rory O’Hanlon
Branch Commissioner (Section Support)

For support regarding sections, their management, and their outcomes, Rory can be contacted on 


The BC Unit Support oversees the Branch team that supports Units to run better programs.  Toby’s knowledge of the Youth Program allows him to have an excellent understanding of the way the program fits together and allows him and his team to provide specialist knowledge and assistance to those supporting the youth who lead the program.

He joined Scouts in 2005 as a youth member and believes passionately in the product of Scouting. Since 2016 he has been involved with several teams that focus on the youth program, making him one of the Branch’s foremost experts on the program.  

Toby Blyth Scouts WA

Toby’s most recent role was Branch Commissioner Outdoor Adventure Skills, and is excited to continue to support Units to develop amazing programs that create and support great young people.  

When Toby isn’t Scouting he works with young people with disabilities, supporting them to live their best lives, further continuing his passion to develop and assist young people. 

For support regarding the Program and it’s implementation and effectiveness in individual Units Toby can be contacted on .