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Adult Recognition Awards 2020

Scouts WA would like to recognise and congratulate the outstanding achievements and contributions from our Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2020.

Today is a day on which we celebrate Scouting by wearing our scarves with pride, and formally acknowledge those adults whom without we would not be able to provide the amazing programs, opportunities and support that we do for our youth members.

Special Service Award
For the successful support, development or management of a Section or Formation, or for an intense contribution of at least 12 months to the success of a major event or major activity.

ABORDICATHERINEGroup Membership OfficerDianella Scout Group
ARGIROEMMAAdult HelperFloreat Scout Group
BAIRDSTUARTAssistant Scout LeaderWarwick Scout Group
BATEMANAMANDAAssistant Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
BURTONBRUCEAssistant Venturer LeaderRockingham Scout Group
CAPUTONINAAssistant Scout LeaderFloreat Scout Group
CARSONELLIOTTAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFloreat Scout Group
CASEJESSAMYVenturer LeaderCanning Sea Scout Group
CHADWICKSAMUELAssistant Cub Scout LeaderDuncraig Scout Group
CHARTERISWALTERScout LeaderCarlisle Scout Group
CHINJEFFREYCommittee MemberCanning Sea Scout Group
COOPERKENNETHAdult HelperHampton Park Scout Group
COOPERROBERTCommittee ChairpersonSecret Harbour Scout Group
CROWHURSTCAROLINEAdult HelperFloreat Scout Group
DAVIESANNAAssistant Group LeaderHampton Park Scout Group
DE BOMFORDSCOTTAdult HelperHamersley Scout Group
DOUGLASKIRSTYCub Scout LeaderCarlisle Scout Group
DOWNERTAMMYCommittee MemberAlbany Scout Group
DREWHARRISONAssistant Cub Scout LeaderDuncraig Scout Group
DUNCANBRYCEBranch Leader – Pen PalsWestern Australia Branch
EAMESANNAAdult HelperWarwick Scout Group
EVERITTMICHAELAssistant Scout LeaderDarlington Scout Group
FORWOODALEXANDERGroup LeaderSalter Point Sea Scout Group
GIBSONLEILANIAssistant Cub Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
GISHUBLROBERTAssistant Scout LeaderDuncraig Scout Group
GOFFMATTHEWAssistant Venturer LeaderWilletton Scout Group
GOLDSMITHJASMINEAssistant Scout LeaderHerne Hill Scout Group
GORMANCATHERINECommittee MemberSouthern River Scout Group
GREENHALGHANTHONYAdult HelperHampton Park Scout Group
GRIMSHAWHAYLEYAssistant Scout LeaderHerne Hill Scout Group
GUTHRIEMEREDITHAssistant Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
HARMANSIMONCommittee MemberDuncraig Scout Group
HARRISDAVIDCommittee MemberKinross Scout Group
HARRISTERESACommittee MemberKinross Scout Group
HILLSBRIONYCommittee SecretaryBibra Lake Scout Group
HILLSDAMIENCommittee ChairpersonBibra Lake Scout Group
HOWARDASHLEEJoey Scout LeaderGingin Scout Group
HOWARD-FALLASJOSETTECub Scout LeaderCape Naturaliste Scout Group
JAQUESKATRINAAssistant Cub Scout LeaderGingin Scout Group
JEFFERYESANNAScout LeaderWilletton Scout Group
KABELKAMARKCub Scout LeaderGingin Scout Group
KELLYERSKINEAssistant Cub Scout LeaderGeraldton Scout Group
KINGREBECCACommittee ChairpersonBunbury Sea Scout Group
LARSONJASONAssistant Group LeaderMandurah Scout Group
LEIGHTON-JONESJACKBranch Leader – Environment and SustainabilityWestern Australia Branch
LONGMANKATECommittee TreasurerBeldon Scout Group
LUDLOWIANAdult HelperHerne Hill Scout Group
MACNEALLCAROLYNAdult HelperDuncraig Scout Group
MANSONTOBYAssistant Cub Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
MCDONALDNATALIEAssistant Joey Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
MCINTOSHERINAssistant Joey Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
MURRAYAIDANAssistant Cub Scout LeaderRossmoyne Shelley Scout Group
MURRAYJESSICAGroup LeaderMindarie Scout Group
NEEDHAMALEXANDERAssistant Cub Scout LeaderRockingham Scout Group
NERVAJAMESAdult HelperDuncraig Scout Group
OSTLESIMONEBranch Leader – LGBT+Western Australia Branch
PATTENJESSICAAssistant Cub Scout LeaderWilletton Scout Group
PHILLIPSJORDANAssistant Cub Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
POWELLJOANNEJoey Scout LeaderMaida Vale Scout Group
ROBINSONELIZABETHAssistant Group LeaderMaida Vale Scout Group
RYANHELENRegional Commissioner – Joey Scouts Perth South RegionPerth South Region
SCHOTTERILEYBranch Commissioner – Educational PurposeWestern Australia Branch
SHARPERICHARDAssistant Scout LeaderGlen Forrest Scout Group
SNEDDONPENNYAssistant Scout LeaderMaida Vale Scout Group
STENTONVANDRAAssistant Joey Scout LeaderDarlington Scout Group
STUBBSDAVIDAssistant Scout LeaderDuncraig Scout Group
TINGHIEGroup Membership OfficerCanning Sea Scout Group
TOMLINSONKALITABranch Leader – SISEPWestern Australia Branch
TOOVEYKIMAdult HelperFloreat Scout Group
TREASUREMICHELLE-ANNAssistant Scout LeaderWoorree Scout Group
TURNER-MORRISSUZANNEAssistant Cub Scout LeaderDuncraig Scout Group
TUTTMICHAELAdult HelperCape Naturaliste Scout Group
WEBBERBRUCEAdult HelperFloreat Scout Group
WESTTIFFANYGroup LeaderAlbany Scout Group
WHITEHEADJOANNAGroup Membership OfficerDuncraig Scout Group
WILSONCASSANDRARegional Commissioner – Cub ScoutsCountry South Region
WILSONORLAGroup LeaderVictoria Park Scout Group
WONGJUSTINCommittee TreasurerRossmoyne Shelley Scout Group

For Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years.

ABBOTTAMANDAGroup LeaderNortham Scout Group
BOOTHBRONWYNCommittee ChairpersonJoondalup Scout Group
BRIDGESDULCIECommittee TreasurerBunbury Sea Scout Group
CHAPMANGREGORYBranch Rover AdviserWestern Australia Branch
COWLISHAWNARELLERegional Commissioner – Joey ScoutsCountry South Region
DOWNERJOHNVenturer LeaderPlantagenet Scout Group
DUNCANIANCommittee ChairpersonGlen Forrest Scout Group
DUNCANKERRYAssistant Group LeaderGlen Forrest Scout Group
ECCLESTONSARAHCommittee SecretaryDuncraig Scout Group
EVERETTDARRENAssistant Scout LeaderHampton Park Scout Group
FAULKSMARKDistrict CommissionerGoldfields District
FAUNTLEROYDANELLECub Scout LeaderKinross Scout Group
GARRETTIANScout LeaderWembley Downs Scout Group
GODDINGMICHAELAssistant Scout LeaderWanneroo Scout Group
HAGEDANIELLEAssistant District CommissionerPilbara District
HAMILTONSARAHAssistant Scout LeaderHampton Park Scout Group
HOODDEANScout LeaderWilletton Scout Group
HUTCHISONNEILScout Leader WembleyWembley Downs Scout Group
INGLISRICHARDAssistant Scout LeaderCanning Sea Scout Group
JACKMANBRIENCub Scout LeaderHamersley Scout Group
JOHNSONPHILIPPAAssistant Joey Scout LeaderWembley Downs Scout Group
MACPHERSONCHRISTOPHERAssistant Scout LeaderWilletton Scout Group
MURPHYDAVIDBranch Leader – STAGEWestern Australia Branc
NEWMEYERPATRICIAGroup LeaderKalgoorlie Scout Group
O’BRIENJODIEAssistant Cub Scout LeaderMandurah Scout Group
PATTENMATTHEWAssistant Scout LeaderWilletton Scout Group
PUZONADELINEAssistant Joey Scout LeaderWembley Downs Scout Group
QUILTERRUSSELLGroup LeaderJervoise Bay Sea Scout Group
SALTJAMESCub Scout LeaderWembley Downs Scout Group
SCOTTKATHRYNAssistant Joey Scout LeaderWarnbro Sound Scout Group
SMITHNIGELCommittee ChairpersonWarwick Scout Group
SWINSTEADCHRISTOPHERAssistant Scout LeaderKelmscott Scout Group
TISSONREBECCAGroup LeaderHamersley Scout Group
UDINGABENScout LeaderHerne Hill Scout Group
WILSONJEROMERegional Commissioner – Joey ScoutsPerth North Region
ZEKULICHKIMCub Scout LeaderCanning Sea Scout Group

For Outstanding service to the Association by non-uniformed supporters for a period of 10 years.

DREWPAULQuartermasterDuncraig Scout Group
LOWRYSHARONFellowshipGoollelal Scout Group
WALKERCOLINAdult HelperVertical Team

For Outstanding service to the Association by Uniformed Leaders for a period of at least 10 years.

ADAMDAVIDVenturer LeaderSalter Point Sea Scout Group
BOWMANJODIBranch Commissioner – Joey ScoutsWestern Australia Branch
CLARKGAVINGroup LeaderEllenbrook Scout Group
DAWSONELIZABETHGroup LeaderMargaret River Scout Group
DEWERSJOANNEDistrict CommissionerMidwest District
GREGORYTIMOTHYAssistant Joey Scout LeaderSalter Point Sea Scout Group
JAGOEGEOFFREYBranch Commissioner – ScoutsafeWestern Australia Branch
MCGRADYVICKICub Scout LeaderWilletton Scout Group
SHANNONFIONARegional Commissioner -DevelopmentPerth South Region
TAYLFORTHKATRINAJoey Scout LeaderWarnbro Sound Scout Group
WARDLEDEBRABranch Commissioner – Equity and WellbeingWestern Australia Branch

For Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years.

DE KORTJENNIFERAssistant Scout LeaderRockingham Scout Group
LINDORFFKENNETHCub Scout LeaderWilleton Scout Group
MACGREGORANTHONYAssistant District Commissioner – Youth ProgramStirling District
MILLERALANRover AdviserWaylen Bay Sea Scout Group
PATTENJOHNVenturer LeaderWilletton Scout Group
STANLEYHEATHERAssistant Scout LeaderBibra Lake Scout Group
TRETHOWENNEILVenturer LeaderWarwick Scout Group
TURTONDANIELLEVenturer LeaderWarwick Scout Group
URENKELVINScout LeaderCanning Sea Scout Group

Further distinguished service of around 4 – 5 years since the award of the Silver Koala.

DE LA HUNTYBARBARABranch Leader – BoatingWestern Australian Branch
FARRELLDONNAGroup LeaderWembley Downs Scout Group

For eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period.

MACPHERSONNEILGroup LeaderWilletton Scout Group

The Rover Service Award is presented to recognise individual’s outstanding contribution to the Rover Section over a sustained period.

COLLINSSTEPHENRover AdvisorSouth West Regional Rover Crew