The Scout Method at a Glance

Scout Method Joey Scouts Cub Scouts Scouts Venturer Scouts Rovers
Symbolic framework The Australian bush The Jungle Book; Mowgli the man-cub; The free people of Seeonee; Akela and the Pack. Being a Scout, an explorer; Exploring new territories with a team of friends. Being a Venturer. Accepting new challenges as a team and individually. To take the road; to travel around the world to discover and change the world.
Games activities The imaginary world plays an important role through story telling, play acting, songs and games. Short activities, games. The imaginary world plays an important role. Activities last longer and start to have to do with social reality. Community service appears. Unit and team projects: mastering technologies, serving the community, acquiring useful and recognised skills. Discovering society, indentifying issues and challenges, experiencing adult roles. Travel, service and vocational preparation.
Nature Discovering nature through the exploration of the senses. Excursions into the bush and parks. Leaning to care for the environment. Discovering natural elements. Limited exploration, short camps. Learning the value of natural environment. Nature is the favoured setting for activities. Introduction to ecology Confronting natural elements on outdoors expeditions. Enviraonmental conservation projects. Physical pursuit outdoors; experiencing the concept of sustainable development through community projects.
Team system Working as a mob and sometimes in smaller adhoc groups. Non-competitive games. Limted decision making. Limted team autonomy. Most activities as a pack. First steps towars involvement in decision-making. The team system operates fully. Teams more autonomous, team leader's role more substantial. Building effective teams. Unit Council and Unit run more directly by young people. Inter-team task groups Autonomouse teams. The Rover crew is a young adult community run by young people themselves.
Promise law Adults loead by example. Promise is a commitment to care and share withing the group and immediate world. Tangible rules of behaviour. Short text, simple and concrete words. Promise is a commitment to respect group's rules. Learning to set rules together at the light of the Scout Law, a concrete and psoitive code of living. A code of conduct which already conveys universal values. The Scout Promise is a commitment for life. Unit Constitution. A charter which conveys universal values on which Scouting is based.
Service Learning and working together, becomming aware of ones local community. Caring and sharing for others and working as a Mob to look after nature. Broadening one's understanding of community. Helping others as a Pack and on own. Respecting propert and the environment. Serving the Pack. Learning about the wider community and its needs. Making a difference locally by getting out into the community and nature to help. Learning about the needs of our global community and how we can contribute. Contributing regularly is to create a better world. Initiating and leading community projects that serve the local and global community. Leading by example.

Adult Support

Adult led activities and support. Adults provide safe and nurturing environment along with physical and emotional security. Adult-led activities. Adults provide physical and emotional security and try to give children real responsibilities. Adults share responsibilities with young people. Growing youth involvement in decision making. Adults opening up to young people's fields of experience and responsibilities. Youth-led activities. Young adult-led community; Adults being advisors and trainers helping young people to develop leadership skills.