Jamboree-On-The-Air and Jamboree-On-The-Internet is a worldwide Scouting event on the third weekend of October every year. JOTA has Scouts and Guides connecting with each other via amateur radio setups, and JOTI utilises the internet with IRC, Discord, Minecraft, Teamspeak, and more.
For more information about this annual event, you can read more online at the World JOTA/JOTI Website -

Can't wait until October?

Click on the following links for more information on the services that are active all year, that you may have seen through JOTA/JOTI:
Avon Scout Radio (JOTI Radio)Discord Chat | JOTI.tvMinecraft Server


In 2018, Scouts WA are looking to run an even bigger and better Jamboree-On-The-Air and Jamboree-On-The-Internet! Planning has started, and if you are:
  • planning to run and host an Event Base, or
  • keen to help with a Radio Base or an Internet Base, or
  • interested to help support another Event Base, or
  • or something else
Then please contact us as there are many resources and materials we can supply you with. By linking together more people who want to run JOTA/JOTI, then we can continue to run better and better events!
Keep a watch for more info soon!


Thank you to everyone who participated in JOTA/JOTI in 2017 - we hope you had a fantastic time, and we look forward to seeing you back again next year! Click here to see the archived webpage and links to resources from 2017.